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Step 1: Find the garment(s) **take note of the product item number(s), color(s) & size(s).

Step 2: Choose the desired position(s)on the garment(s):

  • Front/Back
  • Arm/Leg, upper/lower
  • Right/Left/Center
  • Chose thread colors indicate preference of Glow-in-the- Dark threads (additional text-> include style <- if known)

Step 3: Email the * design image or photo, the * item number and * best contact information to us. We use this information to create a personal bid for you!  AmericanMadeEmbroidery

  • We do the rest… Anticipate an email with the photo of your images & text within 2 days and the cost estimates and options -bundle your order for an additional 10% off. An agreement must be made prior to the processing of your desired purchases.

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