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Step 1: Find your garment(s) **take note on each

  •   Product item number(s)
  • Color(s)
  • Size(s).

Step 2: Choose a position or location on each garment:

  • Front/Back
  • Arm/Leg, upper/lower
  • Right/Left/Center
  • Chose thread colors -indicate preferences including our premium metallic or Glow-in-the- Dark threads -for additional text (include style (< if known)

Step 3: Email the * design image pdf, jpeg, vector art, ai or photo, and font style and size.

Please add the best contact information for you. We will use this information to create a personal, lowest-cost bid, just for you. Mail requests to this link here: AmericanMadeEmbroidery

  • We do the rest… Anticipate an email with the photo of your stitched images & text for your approval, detailing the cost estimates prior to the processing of your desired purchase.

You’ve got more questions? We’ve got more answers!

Call or text our embroidery expert Marvin or digitizing expert Cheryl               

Cell: 503-560-7010

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are your main products?

  • We offer an upgrade of your current embroidery needs with  premium products that meet our mission of Being Seen, Recognized & Remembered in the dark- with glowing threads & reflective materials.
  • We provide quality embroidery projects that won’t fade, or poke holes (like name tags, pins, and buttons) for the life of your garments. We recommend embroidery stitching on hats, garments, and accessories using reflective material & threads varieties.
  • We take the hassle out of ordering screen printed garments from separate companies . Our partners are local and backed with a 100% guarantee. We ensure all your orders are shipped right with the cost savings transposed.
  • Be Seen, Be Recognized and Be Remembered with our variety of fire resistant, Environment friendly, reflective & glowing products for garments with your company’s logo or personalized decorations, monograms & designs.

2.  How long will it take to get my order? 

  • It depends on your ordered items and the purchasing warehouses. On the rare occasion your product is on back order there may be a slight delay for shipping from another state. We try to keep all our orders local for the quickest, lowest-cost garments available.
  • Normally , we can finish a new clients digitizing and processing within 15 days of initial agreement or deposit is received.
  • Rush processing is available for any ‘pre’ digitized or stock images on file.

3. Can I use my own garments or digitizing for custom embroidery projects?

  • Yes on both!  It is important we work closely with our customers to cover every detail to avoid mistakes on a keepsake item. Our specialist will discuss openly 1-on-1 with you about the pros and cons in doing so. Occasionally spoilage will occur. AME by ESORA (R) cannot be held liable to replace such products. However, if we provide the garments we will ensure all items processed will be completed without any risk to you.
  • With  advance notice we can put your software on a compact or floppy disk to purchase the software we created for you. Additional processing fee would incur.

4. How can you ensure the quality inspection?

  • During ordering process we provide photos of the digitized product and get your approval prior to processing.
  • We have the highest rated policy that includes a ‘best practices inspection’ for each step in processing and a final standard set of procedures for review by our shipping center.
  • 5. Can you accept COD or honor 2/10, n/30 terms?
  • Yes, COD’s are available on local deliveries (5mi radius) or on credit terms.
  • An indication “2/10, n/30” (or “2/10 net 30”) on an invoice represents a cash (sales) discount provided by the seller to the buyer with a good working relationship & most non-profit entities.

6. Still can’t find the answer?

Please call or text 503-560-7010

or email: AmericanMadeEmbroidery@gmail.com




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